Custom sculpture, paintings and drawings by Michael Dente

Michael Florin Dente lives for creating sculptures of prominent historical and religious figures. Each piece is defined by the movement and texture applied, creating a lifelike sculpture to honor the person represented. Dente has had work commissioned for churches, schools, and public spaces throughout the United States and abroad.

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Dawn of Renewal

Two rotating 80' in length and 80' in circumference enamel painted "Dano Drums". These drums are state of the art kinetic machines that rotate and recycle garbage into fertile earth. The colors and shapes are intended to illustrate the progress and dawning of an age where the previously unusable is becoming an actual usable product.

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The Dream

Martin Luther King Jr. Foundation, Portland, OR
Nine years of research and creating working studies (bozzeti) culminated in 1998 at the dedication of "The Dream". At 8' 3" tall Dr. King steps forward to deliver his message of justice and equality.

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Tuskegee air man

6' bronze sculpture placed at Miller Beach Aquatorium, Gary IN. He strides towards his plane with a smile, knowing that when he is in the air he is a man fighting for his country.

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Trails end

Together they traveled and finally reached the Pacific Ocean. Sacagawea's son, Lil' Pomp, pulls away excitedly to explore while Captain William Clark kneels with his journal in hand next to Captain Meriweather Lewis and his Newfoundland dog, Seaman, lingers close at hand.

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